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Hanging Together Artists

Lindy Fullerton:
Betty Grummer:
Lena Pack:
Tosca Engish:
Betsy Milligan:
Janice Cooper:


          Six independent artists have pooled their dynamic creativity into a fresh and new entity called Hanging Together.

          Showing the visual arts while advancing the independent spirit of the artist is the purpose behind Hanging Together. As each artist assists the other in displaying their work, the individual has more opportunities to develop all aspects of art.

          An artist can no longer be only an artist to survive. Hanging Together provides opportunity and flexibility allowing each artist to share tasks in support of the whole.

          In addition to the vast artistic styles and subjects represented within the group, education and technology continues to play a role in the lives of the artists and in the development of Hanging Together. Art education, online communications, email, web sites, future online galleries and technical art education encompass goals

          Coming soon, Hanging Together will be doing just that, hanging a show. The first show put on by Hanging Together will be this June in the Irving Arts Center, Irving, Texas.

          For further information, contact Hanging Together, 10211 W. Hills Tr. Saginaw, TX 76179-3417.