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Trinity Arts 2003 Youth Show

Best of Show
Scholarship Winner

Group of Koi
by Nina Harp

Peoples Choice Award/ K-2
"Blue Daddy"
(Photo image Damaged)
by Catie Mong

1st place / K-2
"Self Portrait"
by Camilla Hao

2nd place / K-2
"Creature In The Sky"
by Jordan Sandlin
no image avaliable
3rd place / K-2
by Josiah Meharg

1st place / 3-5
"Puppy Love"
by Sarah Wright

2nd place / 3-5
"Egyption Bird"
by Cotton Freudenthal

3nd place / 3-5
by Haley Osier

1st place / 6-9
"Baby Face"
by Mackenzie Michel

2nd place / 6-9
by Devin Jourde

3rd place / 6-9
by Catie Gates

1st place/ 10-12
"Two Shoes of Truth"
by Colin Geller

2nd place / 10-12
by Amber May
no image avaliable
3rd place / 10-12
by Lindsey Miller

(Note: All images are representative and unfortunantly do not reflect the art work with total accuracy.)

Many thanks to the four Trinity Arts Guild jugdes for the difficult selection duty of this years contest. We had 156 entries in 2003! With 18 Honnorable Mentions added to the above list of award winning works plus the amazing pieces entered, it was a tremendous show. The exhibition may be viewed for the remainer of the month at TAG.