Newsletter Highlights


          Your TAG 2002 Directory is ready! Members pick up and sign for your copy at the Trinity Arts Guild Gallery. Note the beautiful tribute to Louise Lee Koon.

          A wonderful aid has been added by Lena Pack, the artist's schedule for the Traveling Exhibit, triple thanks Lena! Kudos to Bennie Wood for compiling the Exhibit. Also, our constitution and by-laws, the gallery sitters guide and the gallery change-out schedule are at your finger tips. The names, addresses and phone numbers of paid-up members for 2002 are printed in the last part of the directory. Please check your listing for corrections.

          (The Print Place of Grapevine gave us a nice discount on the printing too-don't miss the advertisement on the back.)

Letter from the President:

          Welcome back and I hope all of you had a wonderful and fruitful summer. I hope all of you have been painting, or working in your media and enjoying it! First of all, let me say how honored I am to be your president and how much I am looking forward to a very good year of meetings, demos, and workshops. Trinity Arts guild is a wonderful organization of talented, supportive artists and I am proud to be a part of such a group in any capacity. The Executive Board has been meeting through the summer, we have some great programs scheduled and we look forward to seeing all of you at the meetings. Please keep in touch; I am open to all suggestions and ideas.
Sincerely, Cheri Irwin


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