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here i will have images to galleries

MLF Studio

Artist Statement

Be it a spirited fire ant or a donkey prancing around in gesso, for me painting is fun. I am an impressionist artist who does abstract expressionism. My favorite mediums are acrylic and pastel mixed media.

God's majesty is my subject matter and inspiration. Victorious passions and imagination are my themes while using a kaleidoscope of bold colors and heavy textures.

Anything that I can use to push paint around works. In addition to brushes I have applied paint with shoes, pop corn, lipstick, sticks and brooms. Not out-of-reach and thus used have been, toothpicks, pot scrubbers, sculpting tools, sponges, string, fingernails, paper towels and the kitchen faucet. I do not care for a toothbrush's texture but that plastic cooking utensil made a nice portrait. And a soft drink spilled on a work in progress is a very liberating experience!


Having been nurtured in the arts, education and religion, I taught theater arts and communication. While teaching, I also performed mime, worked technical theater construction, designed lighting and sets and managed theater operations. The direction of my life abruptly changed after marriage and resulted in travels throughout the country. One location, NYC, was more than a "coming-of-age" period in my life. It was a time of great discovery. There I met some women who decided to take this Texas gal by the hand and show her the real New York. The NYC experience taught me that indeed I could do whatever I determined! I learned to trust myself in NYC. And from those years, I carry a knowledge of movement, a feel of color and a firm acquaintance of texture. These aspects are embedded in the core of my art today.